44% of millennials already own a smartwatch

Variety of smartwatchesWhile smartwatch sales showed signs of slowing down earlier this summer, at least one demographic group appears to have strongly embraced smartwatches. A study looking at smartwatch ownership conducted by Fluent found that 44% of millennials have already purchased a smartwatch. In comparison, only 23% of non-millennials said that they owned one.

The study also found that millennials are more likely to own Apple devices than non-millennials. This extends to smartwatches with 13% of millennials owning an Apple Watch whereas only 6% of non-millennials do.

Underlying how ubiquitous smartphones have become, Fluent found no such disparity when it came to smartphone ownership. 87% of both groups  said that they owned a smartphone.

A similar study by marketing technology company Adestra came up with significantly different numbers. It found that 19% of millennials owned a wearable. Even if smartwatches account for fifty percent of wearables, it would indicate that only about 10% own a smartwatch. It’s not immediately clear why the two studies came up with such different numbers.

Fluent defines millennials as those who are between 18 and 34 years of age. Non-millenials are defined as those 35 years old and over. Its results are based on a survey of 1,800 millennials and 1,200 non-millennials.

Source : MediaPost