Concept Sunday: Red Bull Can Phone

Red Bull Can Phone conceptWhat if Red Bull decided to get into the smartphone business? And what if it gave designers two days to come up with concepts for a device worthy of the brand’s name? Even wilder, what if it licensed Apple’s iOS as the operating system. The Red Bull Can Phone, a wearable smartphone, might be the outcome.

As implausible as it all sounds, all those elements came together when China’s Roro Liu and Yuchen Pei came up with the Can Phone. The only catch: They created it as an April Fools’ joke.

Red Bull Can Phone concept

There is a lot of interesting technology behind the device. It all starts with curved components. Not just the display but nearly all components would also have to be curved for this wide bracelet design to work. Even the main circuit board would need to be curved and perhaps even flexible so that you could pull the smartphone on and off your wrist.

Red Bull Can Phone concept

The Red Bull Can Phone also works as your fitness tracker. Along with the usual sensors tracking how far you have walked and how many calories you’ve burned, a heart rate sensor provide cardiac data. It also supports bone conduction but it’s not clear exactly how it would use this technology. Perhaps it would come with an in-ear wearable accessory.

Smartphone manufacturers have been teasing us with flexible devices for a few years now. Perhaps a manufacturer or two will try their hands at a wrist smartphone like the Red Bull Can Phone.

Source : Behance