Fluent: 53% believe that Apple Watch is not a successful product

Apple WatchThe Apple Watch, much like other wearables, continues to divide consumers. A recent survey by Fluent found that less than half of the 2,578 American adults polled agreed that “the Apple Watch is a successful product.” But when the advertising technology company narrowed its focus down to regular Apple product users, that number jumped to 62%. It jumped even higher to 77% when the question was posed to Apple Watch owners.

The study also (unsurprisingly) found that Apple Watch owners use their watches for far more than simply telling the time. About 80% of them use it for fitness tracking and notifications. Listening to music (75% , email and chat (66%), and mobile payments using Apple Pay (61%) also came up as frequent uses for the smartwatch.

Apple Watch

Also expected, functionality trumped looks when it came to buying decision. Convenience (46%) and features (31%) were rated as higher decision factors than fashion needs (11%). Despite smartwatch shipments beating out those of Swiss watches in Q4 2015, Fluent does not think that consumers are replacing their luxury watches with the Apple Watch. “No one is dumping their Patek or Rolex for an Apple Watch, and I doubt that Tim Cook ever really thought that they would,” writes Fluent chief marketing officer Jordan Cohen.

Recent rumours have suggested that Apple will likely unveil a new but largely unchanged model later this year. While one suggests a thinner model, another suggests that most of the changes will be hardware upgrades such as a better battery and display. An announcement could come as early as WWDC 2016 this summer or later in the fall, likely alongside the iPhone 7.

Do you feel that the Apple Watch is a successful product or not? Let us know below.

Source : Fluent

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  1. It’s successful for me because it does more than three things my regular watch does – tell the time, date and countdown timer.

    If you wouldn’t like anything more than a normal operational watch, then don’t try and convince yourself about a smart watch. Infact, don’t even look into buying one.

    When you believe you need online convienence, then look into it.

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