ustwo launches Face Maker for Android Wear

ustwo Face Makerustwo, the company better known for the popular game Monument Valley, has dabbled in building Android Wear watch faces for some time now. It was among the first to offer an interactive watch face when Google unveiled the feature last year. With their newest watch faces, they decided to take a somewhat different approach. This time, rather than focusing on customizing the information you see on your watch face, the new Face Maker app focuses on “pure aesthetic personalization.” Better yet, it allows you to customize your Android Wear watch face right  on your smartwatch.

Face Maker is a new approach to customizable watch faces. Pick Classic or Trio, then personalize them the way that you like from a selection of beautifully designed options including color, hands, and markers. Everything is done right on the watch so that you can personalize any time, anywhere.

Face Maker works by letting you  choose from one of two basic designs, Classic or Trio. It then lets you customize everything from colours, hands and numerals simply with a series of swipes and taps. In all, there are 2,800 permutations possible.

ustwo Face Maker

Better yet, Ustwo is already at work “designing even more beautiful watch faces to add to Face Maker.”

Face Maker is now available as a free download from Google Play.

ustwo Face Maker

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