Concept Sunday: Hermès Vendome smartwatch

Hermès Vendome smartwatch conceptHermès currently offers a number of leather straps for the Apple Watch. But what if it decided to make its own smartwatch? France’s Edward Folberth has one potential answer, the Hermès Vendome smartwatch.

The design features a very simple and elegant stainless steel case (the size is not specified). The bezel is adorned with wave-shaped accents at the 4 and 10 o’clock markers but is otherwise devoid of any ornamentation. It is also waterproof to 20 atmospheres (200 meters).

Hermès Vendome smartwatch concept

While there is no word on the operating system powering the Hermès Vendome, we can see that it makes use of the colours and fonts that the brand has made famous. Folberth wanted to keep the layout “simple and efficient enhanced with animation,” something we don’t unfortunately see without a video showing exactly how he envision this working. We can see that the smartwatch offers many of the functions one would expect from a smartwatch, including a number of custom watch faces, notifications for text messages and incoming calls and a weather app.

The operating system would likely support touch-enabled controls to swipe through and dismiss notifications as well as switch between apps. The only other visible control is the crown which would presumably also offer some functionality in controlling the smartwach.

The Hermès Vendome is finished with a Capucine (orange) leather band and an engraved caseback featuring the fashion house’s distinctive logo.

Source : Behance