Standalone Apple Watch Hermès bands to go on sale April 19th

Apple Watch Hermès Double TourApple unveiled the Apple Watch Hermès in September 2015. It paired the stainless steel case Apple Watch with one of three Hermès leather band designs. Until today, you could only buy the band and watch as a set and you had limited colour choices. Starting April 19th, Apple will offer the Apple Watch Hermès bands in a range of new colours. Better yet, it will also be possible to buy the straps separately from the watch.

Apple’s decision to sell the Hermès straps as accessories will not only allow current Hermès model owners to accessorize with new colours but will also allow owners of the Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch Edition to pair their smartwatch with the new bands.

Double Tour Hermès band for Apple Watch

Availability of the new colours will vary between bands and Apple Watch models. For example, the Double Tour will continue to only be available for the 38mm Apple Watch. New colours to be offered will include Feu, Blanc, Bleu Paon and Bleu Saphir.

Single Tour and Cuff Hermès band for Apple Watch

The Single Tour will be available in Bleu Saphir for both 38 and 42mm models. Other colours, like Blanc and Bleu Paon will be limited to the 38mm model. Some colours, like the already available Etain Swift, will be limited to the 42mm model.

The Cuff will continue to be available only in Fauve for the 42mm model.

The new standalone Hermès Single Tour bands will sell for US$340 (about CA$450) while the Double Tour and Cuff will sell for US$490 (about CA$650) and US$690 (about CA$900) respectively. The new Apple Watch Hermès bands will go on sale on April 19th.

Sources : Apple // ABlogtoWatch