Concept Sunday: Microsoft Surface Watch

Microsoft Surface Watch conceptThe closest Microsoft has come to a smartwatch in recent years is the Nokia Moonraker project that it cancelled after acquiring Nokia’s device business in 2014. While rumours of a Microsoft smartwatch surface every once in a while, the company has instead focused on its Band and Band 2 fitness bands. What if it decided to broaden its wearables portfolio with a smartwatch and use its Surface tablets as inspiration? Freelance designer Seán McConnell has come up with an answer: The Microsoft Surface Watch.

Microsoft Surface Watch concept

Whereas the recent trend with smartwatches has been to go with a round display, the Microsoft Surface Watch concept opts for a rectangular one. The case sports the same angular design that you’ll find on the Surface Pro. It is also presumably made of magnesium like the Surface tablets.

While technical details are not provided, the renders themselves reveal a few details. The Microsoft Surface Watch is powered by an Intel processor and Windows 10 and an Intel processor. The user interface uses the live tiles that Microsoft first developed for its Windows Phone mobile operating system.  Judging by the phone tile and what appears to be a speaker grille, it will presumably be able to start or take calls, perhaps even without the need to be paired to a smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Watch concept

On the hardware size, the Microsoft Surface Watch comes with a colour display, a heart rate monitor on the back as well as wireless charging. It also comes with a crown which would presumably be used to interact with the watch, perhaps by scrolling through live tiles and pressing to select options. The renders show it with a rubber or silicone strap but it would presumably come with other interchangeable strap options.

Microsoft Surface Watch concept

With the fate of the Lumia brand in question as sales of Lumia smartphones continue to struggle, Microsoft could well opt to go with its Surface brand if and when it decides to get into the smartphone business. Whether it also borrows its looks from the Surface tablets remains to be seen though.

Source : Behance