Concept Sunday: Rolex Cosmopolitan Smartwatch

Rolex Cosmopolitan smartwatch conceptRolex is certainly one of the best known luxury brands when it comes to watches. And while it has yet to launch a smartwatch, concept wearables built around its brand are not uncommon. We featured the Rolex Navigator smartwatch on Concept Sunday about a year ago while an earlier one envisioned Rolex collaborating with Apple to come up with the iWatch by Rolex. The Rolex Cosmopolitan Smartwatch by Brazil’s Jean Prestes and Daniel Barros Teixeira Leite is another such concept that aims to do so without losing the “Rolex design DNA.”

The Rolex Cosmopolitan offers all of the usual smartwatch features: Notifications, news, weather statistics, weather, customizeable watch faces and easy timezone management. At the same time, it retains features that define a Rolex watch, including the Cyclops, the extra piece of sapphire crystal that magnifies the date window, and the famed aesthetics of the Oyster Perpetual collection.

Rolex Cosmopolitan smartwatch concept

The Rolex Cosmopolitan Smartwatch sports a single side button. This suggests that it will come with a touchscreen allowing for a range of gestures and taps to control various functions with the button as a complement.

Rolex Cosmopolitan smartwatch concept

Under the electronics is a perpetual chronometer which can be viewed through the see-through caseback. In Switzerland, only watches certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) can be called chronometers. Not so clear but intriguing is the idea that a mechanical movement could drive a digital display. Less likely is that a smartwatch can live up to the rigors imposed during the certification process to earn the right to bear the designation remains to be seen.

Would you be interested in a smartwatch that sports a mechanical movement and a digital display? Let us know below.

Source : Behance