Concept Sunday: Smart watch with analog watch movement

Smartwatch concept by Chesky WongThe smartwatch market may still be relatively new but we’ve already seen manufacturers come up with a range of designs. At one extreme are smartwatches with digital displays. On the other side are “smarter watches” that retain a traditional analog display but hide an array of sensors and smartwatch-like functions behind it. Sitting between are devices incorporate a small digital display into a larger analog one. For example, Martian watches use such an approach as does the Titan Juxt. Japan’s Chesky Wong has gone one further – well, two further in fact – and incorporated three small digital screens into his unnamed Smart watch with analog watch movement concept.

At first glance, Wong’s smart watch with analog watch movement concept looks like a traditional watch with three sub-dials. A closer look reveals that each of these is digital and capable of displaying different information. The first alerts you to incoming calls or lets you know if you have messages. The second indicates how many emails are waiting for you while the third appears to be a chronometer.

Each sub-dial can also control different smartwatch functions. For example, one let’s you turn on the microphone while another looks to control your music.

While a single digital display could easily be used to display all the information, you would likely have to scroll through a lot more to get the same information that the three displays give you at a quick glance.

Smartwatch concept by Chesky Wong

It’s not clear if this smartwatch concept comes with a touchscreen. It does have two buttons flanking the crown that would presumably act as the key controls.

No technical specifications are provided but the renders suggest that the smartwatch would be made of stainless steel and offered with a choice of colours for the leather strap.

According Wong, his design offers three main benefits: Long battery life, real analog wristwatch texture, better user experience.Smartwatch concept by Chesky WongWhat do you think of Chesky Wong’s smart watch with analog watch movement? Let us know below.

Source : Behance