Concept Sunday: Swatch Smartwatch

Swatch Smartwatch conceptSwatch Group CEO Nick Hayek earlier this year said that his company will continue to build out the smart capabilities of its Swatch brand. It already offers the beach volleyball-focused Swatch Touch Zero One and the pay-by-the-wrist Swatch Bellamy (pictured above) with more to come. The company has revealed few details but will continue to focus on devices geared at specific needs. As such, it may be a while before we see a true Swatch smartwatch. But when we do, perhaps it will look a bit like this concept designed by Spain’s Selena Lorente.

It’s immediately clear that the Swatch Smartwatch would easily find its place among other Swatch timepieces. It comes with a number of colourful bands and a clean and contemporary design.While the display is round, the metal case adds a number of angular elements such as the lugs and the glass that tapers at both the top and bottom into pointed triangles.

It’s not immediately clear what operating system is powering the Swatch Smartwatch. It is clear though that the display includes a touchscreen. The three buttons, two on one side and another on the opposite side, provide additional controls.

Specifications have not been provided. Given Swatch’s aim to offer entry-level devices, it’s likely that the Swatch Smartwatch would not come with its own cellular connectivity but would instead allow you to make or accept calls through your smartphone. Along with notifications, it looks like it would also provide a calendar, weather information and music controls among its other capabilities.

Swatch is expected to unveil its next smartwatch at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It is expected to be a successor to the Touch Zero One, suggesting another sport-focused smarter watch rather than an outright smartwatch.

Source : Behance