Concept Sunday: Wood Watch

Wood Watch conceptIf the Ottm wooden bands for smartwatches peaked your interest in incorporating wood into horological devices and smartwatches, you’ll like the Wood Watch concept by France’s Sylvain Gerber. Rather than being used for the band, the watch itself is built with wood.

While the concept dates back to 2013, the design is contemporary and would not appear outdated should it

Both the case and dial incorporate wooden elements. In fact, it appears that a single hollowed out ring of wood is used. The titanium case frames the wood, providing is designed to let the wood show on the sides while the dial is partially skeletonized to reveal the movement. The hands have been replaced by wheels that show the current time at the 12 o’clock mark. The crystal back of the watch also lets you see the movement.

Wood Watch conceptThere is no word on the actual specifications of the Wood Watch.

Wood has likely not caught on with watchmaking for a number of reasons. Among them are durability and water resistance, neither of which would stand up well on a watch. On the other hand, it does make for a great conversation piece.

The Wood Watch was conceived by Sylvain Gerber.

Source : Behance