Ottm wooden bands for smartwatches

Ottm wooden smartwatch bandBands for watches and smartwatches typically come in a limited number of materials: Leather, metal or plastic, rubber and silicone. Ottm is looking to change that by offering wooden watchbands for a range of smartwatches. Thanks to the grain patterns of wood, each Ottm watchband promises to be unique to your Apple Watch, Android Wear smartwatch or Pebble Watch.

Ottm wooden smartwatch band

Featuring a link bracelet design inspired by Swiss watches, Ottm bands will be made from one of three different woods: Zebrawood, Sandalwood and maple. Each also comes with a stainless steel s-clasp.

Each choice of wood reflects a different sentiment. Maple connotes a more subdued style with it’s straight grain and light cream color. Zebrawood hails from Western Africa with a striking grain that is both beautiful and hard to miss. Sandalwood, prized in Asia for its fragrant oils calls attention with its deep earthy hues.

Each band is hand-finished to give it a rustic touch and treated with tung oil.

Ottm wooden bands are available in 38 and 42mm for Apple Watch and 22mm for Android Wear and Pebble and Pebble Time. Among the supported Android Wear smartwatches are both generations of Moto 360 (the first with a steel connector), LG Watch Urbane and the ASUS ZenWatch.

Ottm wooden smartwatch band

The cheapest (but limited) pledge gets you an Ottm wooden band in maple for US$25 (about CA32). The Sandalwood version starts at US$49 (about CA$64) and Zebrawood for US$55 (about CA$72). You can also get all three for US$99 (about CA$130). Each pledge will also result in a tree bing planted in the forests of British Columbia.


The Ottm wooden bands Indiegogo campaign launched on March 31st, looking to raise US$7,000. Judging by the fact that it’s already blown by that target, wood should perhaps join the list of materials regularly used for watch bands.

Ottm wooden smartwatch band

Let us know below of the three woods you would choose for your Ottm watch band.

Source : Indiegogo