The smartwatches coming to Baselworld 2016

BaselworldWearables have established themselves as some of the most popular devices at both the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress. Wearables, and smartwatches in particular, may now be looking to do the same at Baselworld, one of the foremost events for watches and jewelry. A search through the list of exhibitors reveals that a number of companies are bringing smartwatches to this year’s event which runs from March 17th to March 24th.

Mondaine PayChip

The most familar names on the list are Guess and Mondaine. Both already offer smartwatches so it’s not surprising to see them on the list. Guess will likely feature its Guess Connect smartwatch for which new colour combinations were announced last month. Mondaine will show off its new Mondaine PayChip for contactless payments as well as the Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smart smartwatch that it launched last year. One or both could perhaps also use the event to launch new models.

Three other companies are listed as bringing smartwatch products. These are likely not as well known.

Veldt Serendipity

Veldt, a Japanese “wearable brand” company, will unveil new models in its Serendipity smartwatch collection. Like current models, they will incorporate LED lights and a small display on the face of the watch to display notifications from a connected smartphone. Veldt will also be looking for partners to help it bring its brand beyond Japan.

The Essa Grup consists of a number of brands including the Daniel Klein brand of watches. While it does not currently offer smartwatches, perhaps it will announce its first at the event.

Last on the list is Soprod, a Swiss company that makes mechanical and quartz movements. There is nothing to suggest at this point that it is about to unveil a new smartwatch but it will likely be in attendance to offer its expertise and services to both smartwatch and watch manufacturers.

Missing from the list is Tissot which has announced that it will unveil its first smartwatch at the event.

Misfit has also announced plans to be in Basel, Switzerland, as Baselworld takes place. While it will not attend the event, it will be at the nearby Fossil Group Global Expo.

Source : Baselworld