Xiaomi Smartwatch and Band 2 coming in Q2 2016?

XiaomiA number of rumours last year hinted that Xiaomi would soon unveil a smartwatch. No such announcement ever surfaced and they died down until this week. Huami CEO Huang Wang, who first revealed that his company was building the device for Xiaomi, this week apparently confirmed that the Xiaomi smartwatch will finally launch sometime in the next two months. It will be accompanied with a new Mi Band as well.

Huami is the company that currently manufactures the Xiaomi Mi Band and the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse. Based on Wang’s comments, it appears that it will indeed manufacture the Xiaomi smartwatch as well. Wang revealed few details about it though, saying only that it will feature a larger display than the new Band. It will also focus on a particular but unspecified function (health and fitness is a likely option).

As for the new Mi Band, Wang revealed that, unlike current models, it will come with a small display to provide a greater range of information. It will sell for slightly more than the Mi Band Pulse which sells for ¥99 (about US$15 or about CA$20). It could also drop the “Mi” branding and launch simply as the Xiaomi Band 2. Much as with the smartwatch, Wang revealed little else about it.

Wang also revealed that the Amazfit smart wearable unveiled last September will be updated later this year.  A second generation version should launch sometime in the second half of the year.

Source : GizmoChina