Swiss OS smartwatch operating system coming by early 2019

Swatch logoSwiss Swiss watchmaker Swatch has dabbled in the smartwatch space since it introduced the Swatch Touch Zero One touch watch back in 2015. The company now expects to launch its own smartwatch operating system and accompanying watch within months. A spokesperson recently confirmed to Wareable that it would launch by the end of the year or early 2019 at the latest.

Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek first revealed the company’s plans back in March 2017. Developed in partnership with CSEM, a Swiss research and technology company, it will first appear on a Tissot watch.

Little is still known about Swiss OS but Swatch suggests that it will be “Swiss made.” It will offer ultra-low energy consumption, likely consuming less power than watches powered by rival operating systems like Wear OS or Apple Watch OS. The company also promises fewer software updates to counteract “the planned and programmed obsolescence in the world of consumer electronics” and “Swiss vault”-like user data protection.

Since the launch of the Swatch Touch Zero One, the Swatch Group has offered a range of connected watches and smartwatches including the Bellamy line of “pay-by-the-wrist” watches and its collection of T-Touch solar-powered watches, including the Tissot Smart-Touch smartwatch pictured below.

Tissot Smart-Touch

Source : Wareable