Poll: Will you buy the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Apple yesterday unveiled new details about the Apple Watch, including pricing. While jaws may have dropped at the price of the Apple Watch Edition which will start at US$10,000 (CA$13,000), we suspect that many others also began to save their pennies to be able to place their pre-order when Apple begins taking them on April 10th. With the wisdom that […]

Poll: More concept devices on EyeOnMobility?

BlackBerry Q40 concept

We often feature concept devices on EyeOnMobility as they give us a glimpse as to what our future devices could look like – And they are just plain cool. Some concepts are evolutions of current devices while other ones push the boundaries of what is possible. Over a year ago, we started Concept Sunday which, as the name implies, features a […]

Poll: Will you buy the Google Nexus 6?

Google Nexus 6

Google today unveiled the Google Nexus 6, its latest Nexus smartphone and the first to run Android 5.0 Lollipop. While its 5.9-inch display and phablet dimensions may be too much for many, today’s announcement revealed another surprise that may deter many from making it their next smartphone. Motorola revealed pricing for the Nexus 6 and it is certainly not the attractive […]

Poll: Will your next smartphone be waterproof?

Flagship smartphones are increasingly touting their water-resistant or waterproof capabilities. Sony kicked off the trend in early 2013 with the Xperia Z and each subsequent flagship smartphone, including the new Xperia Z2, has been water-resistant. Now other manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, are jumping on and starting to offer similar capabilities on their flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S5 […]