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No physical keyboard for Foxconn-designed BlackBerry Jakarta smartphone?

Rumoured BlackBerry 10 C-Series Americano

Following the announcement that BlackBerry was teaming up with Foxconn to develop and manufacture budget-level BlackBerry smartphones for the next five years (if not more), the company cancelled the entry-level devices codenamed Cafe and Kopi that it was developing in-house for 2014. Details are now emerging about the first BlackBerry smartphone that Foxconn will launch instead in emerging markets such […]

BlackBerry cancels Cafe and Kopi smartphones planned for 2014


BlackBerry’s new five year partnership with Foxconn, announced the same day that it announced a US$4.4 billion loss in its latest quarter, has claimed two casualties. The deal will see Foxconn take on a role in both the development, manufacturing and supply management of entry-level BlackBerry devices intended for emerging markets where BlackBerry remains popular. As a result of this […]

BlackBerry planning at least four more devices

BlackBerry logo on F1 car

While most of the BlackBerry news these days is about its imminent sale, possibly in pieces, the company is still in operation and is still trying to turn its fortunes around. Yesterday it unveiled the new BlackBerry Z30 and the launch within days of BBM for Android and iPhone and more is planned for the future. According to N4BB sources, […]