Newkia to launch phones under different branding

Concept Nokia smartphone powered by Android

Details continue to emerge about Newkia, a new smartphone company that hopes to combine the best of Nokia’s hardware engineering with the Google Android mobile operating system. In an interview with CNET Asia, company founder Thomas Zillacus touched upon a number of topics, including branding and company management. Newkia will launch its phones under a different name than Newkia. As […]

Newkia to go Android route with former Nokia employees and know-how

Google Android logo

With the news that Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices & Services division earlier this week, not all of the 32,000 employees expected to join Microsoft may actually want to do so. In fact, the same day that Microsoft announced its acquisition, former employee, Thomas Zilliacus, who once led the group’s Asia-Pacific team, formed a new company called Newkia. Its objective is […]