Nokia Lumia 635

Microsoft: Cortana is a better girlfriend than Apple’s Siri

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft has released two new ads for the Lumia 635 smartphone. But rather than focusing on the features that make it the smartphone you have to have, both look at Lumia 635 who recently broke up with someone. But as you would expect from Valentine season ads, both have happy endings. Breaking up is really hard (especially around Valentine’s Day). […]

TELUS and Koodo launch Nokia Lumia 635 (Updated)

Nokia Lumia 635

Back when Microsoft prematurely revealed that the Nokia Lumia 635 was coming to Canada, it listed it as headed to both Rogers Wireless and TELUS Mobility. The former, along with flanker brand Fido, with launched it last week and today, as expected, it’s TELUS’ turn. The Nokia Lumia 635 is an entry-level Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone with the following specifications: […]

Rogers Wireless and Fido launch Nokia Lumia 635 (Updated)

Nokia Lumia 635

Microsoft Canada revealed back in late May that the entry-level Nokia Lumia 635 was coming to Canada. The announcement turned out to be somewhat premature but Microsoft Devices Group (via Nokia Canada) last week promised that it was “on the horizon.” Just over a week later, the Lumia 635 has finally landed in Canada courtesy of both Rogers Wireless and Fido, making it […]

Nokia Lumia 635 headed to Rogers Wireless and TELUS Mobility (Updated)

Nokia Lumia 635

The latest Nokia Lumia smartphones were unveiled at Build 2014 in early April. It now appears that at least one of the three devices announced will be making its way to Canada. While carriers have so far been quiet, Microsoft Canada now lists the Nokia Lumia 635 as coming at some point to both Rogers Wireless and TELUS Mobility. The […]

Build 2014: Nokia unveils Lumia 930, Lumia 630 and Lumia 635

Nokia Lumia 930 announcement

As expected, Nokia took to the Build 2014 stage today to unveil its latest Lumia smartphones. Up first was the Nokia Lumia 930, a new flagship smartphone that will come with the just announced Windows Phone 8.1. On the budget side, Nokia unveiled the Lumia 630, including a dual-SIM variant, and the Lumia 635. “Today we are introducing people to […]