Nokia Moonraker

Cancelled Nokia Moonraker smartwatch gets pictured

Nokia Moonraker smartwatch

Nokia almost got into the smartwatch game a few years back. Its plans to do so were derailed by its decision to sell its devices business to Microsoft in 2014. Focused at the time on developing its own Band fitness tracker, Microsoft cancelled the Nokia Moonraker smartwatch project. Renders of what Nokia’s smartwatch surfaced last summer courtesy of a Microsoft employee. Now photographs […]

Another round of Nokia device codenames gets leaked

In what is now turning out to be a regular occurrence, the prolific and usually reliable @evleaks today tweeted a new list of Nokia device codenames. In all, some eight devices appear to be in development. While some will be smartphones and others tablets, the list could also hold a mix of new Lumia, Nokia X follow-up and Asha devices. […]