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Apple Watch loses market share as smartwatch shipments soar in Q1 2016

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While numbers are still relatively small, smartwatch shipments continue to pick up steam. Research firm Strategy Analytics today reported that global smartwatch shipments reached 4.2 million units in the first quarter of 2016. This is a sharp 223% increase from the from 1.3 million units shipped the same quarter a year ago but down sequentially (unsurprisingly) from the 8.1 million shipments in […]

Smartwatch shipments beat Swiss watch shipments in Q4 2015

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The Swiss watch industry may not have entered another ice age just yet but it appears that winter has arrived. The latest report from Strategy Analytics has found that smartwatch shipments topped those of traditional Swiss watches for the first time in Q4 2015. It estimates that 8.1 million smartwatches shipped while Swiss watch shipments hit 7.9 million units. While the former […]

Apple Watch dominates global smartwatch shipments in Q3 2015

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The Apple Watch has quickly established itself as the dominant smartwatch in the wearables market. Global smartwatch shipments hit a record 6.1 million units in Q3 2015 with Apple crushing its competitors despite a relatively late entry into the market. According to Strategy Analytics, the Apple Watch grabbed 74% of the market share thanks to estimated shipments of 4.5 million units. Cliff Raskind, Director […]

Strategy Analytics: Apple Watch to own 55% of 2015 smartwatch market

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The Apple Watch is expected to be another home run for the California company. It has been on an impressive run since it launched the first iPhone in 2007 and there is little to suggest that this latest product will be any different. Market analysis firms have all been busy gazing into their crystal balls to predict how successful the […]

Android accounts for nearly 85% of smartphone shipments in Q2 2014

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From humble beginnings in 2008 with the T-Mobile G1, Android has quickly established itself as the most popular mobile operating system in the world. It accounted for 80% of all smartphones shipped in Q2 2013. Many wondered whether Android could go much further. A year later, the latest Strategy Analytics numbers show Android continuing to grow. For Q2 2014, Android […]