HTC provides further details on HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update decision

HTC Desire HDHTC today provided additional information as to why it finally decided to cancel the HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update. The move comes after confusion and a lot of back-and-forth on whether it would offer it or not.

HTC explains that the decision came down to two reasons: The first has to do with how storage is implemented on the device (and the need for a hard reset that would wipe out user data) and the second is a less specific “other technical limitations;”

For more background, due to how storage on the HTC Desire HD is partitioned – and the larger size of Android 4.0 – it would require re-partitioning device storage and overwriting user data in order to install this update. While technically advanced users might find this solution acceptable, the majority of customers would not. We also considered ways to reduce the overall size of the software package, but this would impact features and functionality that customers are currently using. Even after installing the update, there were other technical limitations which we felt negatively impacted the user experience.

HTC adds that it believes that updates “should always improve the user experience.” Having found that “the impact to user experience was too great,” it decided to reverse its decision. HTC concludes by apologizing to its users for the decision.

As for those who still want Ice Cream Sandwich on their HTC Desire HD, you still have the option of going with a custom ROM.

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