Rumour: BlackBerry M-Series to be third RIM BlackBerry 10 device series

Research In MotionRumours have already suggested that RIM will have two lines of BlackBerry 10 devices, the L-Series and N-Series. Multiple devices will be offered eventually in both series. It also appears that the Milan slider, which had been cancelled some time ago as RIM focused on a smaller number of devices, will be resurrected as the BlackBerry M-Series.

The BlackBerry M-Series is scheduled for release in 2014 at this point as RIM plans to focus on devices (including the Nevada, Naples, and Nashville) in the first two series initially. The timeline certainly aligns with the leaked BlackBerry 10 2013 roadmap spotted on days ago.

Little is known about the M-Series but it will apparently sport an HD (1280×720) display like the N-Series. With a release so far out, that could well change before then.

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