12.9-inch iPad to sport an 4K “ultra HD” display?

Apple Store - Ginza, Tokyo, JapanThe latest rumours about Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad tablet suggest that the company could be readying two models rather than just one. According to China’s PadNews, Foxconn has built five different prototypes and Apple is now apparently deciding on which two to move forward with. It’s not clear what sets the five different prototypes apart but one difference appears to be the display’s resolution.

The report adds that Apple could launch the first model in the April timeframe with the second to follow in late 2014, perhaps October. This would certainly help explain the conflicting timelines we heard about last month when one report suggested an early 2014 launch and another a later one.

While the report does not provide many details about what makes the five different, one difference they identify is the display’s resolution. Under consideration are both a 2K and a 4K panel. Unfortunately, the report does not provide specific resolutions but a previous report had mentioned an “almost UHD” (3840 x 2160 resolution) display already.

In comparison, the current iPad lineup tops out at a QXGA (2048×1536) resolution on the Retina Display models which could be considered 2K under some definitions of the term. If so, the first 12.9-inch iPad could also sport a QXGA display with the second one to bring in the UHD or near UHD display. Apple could just as well lead off with the UHD iPad in April, allowing it to once again tout its superior displays.

For now, we’ll have to see what details future rumours bring to the table.

Sources : PadNews // UnwiredView