Bamboo Moto X backplate appears on Motomaker

Moto X bamboo backplateFollowing a teaser just a couple of days ago that wooden backplates were finally about to launch on Motorola’s Motomaker, the first one is now available. You can now order a Bamboo Moto X backplate but it will come at a premium. Not only will it delay shipping (into January 2014) but it will add US$100 to the price of your Moto X. It is also listed as an online exclusive by which they mean that it is not available for use with Moto Maker redemption PINs purchased in-store.

We’ve always had fun experimenting with different materials in our devices. From DuPont(TM) Kevlar(R) to aircraft-grade aluminum, we love to push the envelope and bring you quality materials that have a meaningful purpose or unique sense of style. Bamboo represents new territory for the smartphone industry and expands the thousands of customization options available via Moto Maker. Since each back is made from real Bamboo, no two devices will ever be the same – it’s truly a smartphone as unique as you are.

Here is another look at what your Moto X with a bamboo backplate could look like:

Moto X with bamboo backplate

Motorola first teased wood backplates for the Moto X the day it announced its new smartphone. Since then, rumours have popped up regularly that they were coming soon. Recent ones predicted a launch before the holidays and it appears that Motorola managed to pull it off albeit with mere days to spare.

If past rumours are accurate, we can still look forward to three more options: Teak, Ebony, Rosewood. Whether they will sell for US$100 or the oft-rumoured price of US$50 remains to be seen though. When they will launch also remains unclear at this point.

Now that the Bamboo Moto X backplates are finally available, will you be ordering your Moto X? Let us know below.

Source : Motorola Motomaker