Google Nexus 5 briefly appears on U.S. Google Play Store

Google Nexus 5 spotted on Google Play

With all the leaked images (including some earlier today), we already have a good idea of what the Google Nexus 5 will look like. But folks in the U.S. got better than that earlier today when the Google Nexus 5 briefly showed up on the Google Play Store. Only the icon showed up in the device listing but it was enough to reveal a few details.

The tagline under the device name reads “Capture the everyday and the epic n fresh new ways.” Hopefully this is a sign that Google has indeed improved the camera on this latest Nexus smartphone.

More interesting is that pricing also appears to have been revealed. Based on the Google Play information, the Nexus 5 will start at US$349 for the 16GB model. This presumably means that the 32GB model will come in at or around US$399. Canadian prices may be a bit higher.

Some further digging by AndroidPolice has also yielded an image of the Google Nexus 5 showing the new camera and the new user interface with new icons (including for the camera and dialer).

Official Google Nexus 5 image

It’s not the first time that Google has accidentally shown the upcoming Google Nexus 5. It also showed up in the KitKat statue unveiling video before Google pulled it down.

All we need now is an official announcement!

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