Google Nexus 5 to start at US$299 with 16GB?

Rumoured Google Nexus 5

Rumours about the Google Nexus 5 have given us a good sense of its alleged specifications ahead of its announcement. Pricing has remained a bit more elusive until now but a tip received by PhoneArena may finally have given us what we were looking for. But it comes with a bit of a surprise.

According to PhoneArena‘s source, the Google Nexus 5 will be offered in two variants. The first will come with 16GB of onboard storage and a 2,300mAh battery. It will sell for US$299. The second variant will come with 32GB of onboard storage and a larger 3,000mAh battery. It will sell for US$399.

In comparison, last year’s Google Nexus 4 launched with an 8GB model for US$299 and a 16GB model for US$349. Both had a 2,100mAh battery.

The report contradicts the specifications listed in a leaked service guide for the Google Nexus 5. The latter indicated that the 32GB model would also come with a 2,300mAh battery. But considering that the document was a draft version and appeared to contain some errors (such as the device’s dimensions), it should not be taken as a silver bullet against this theory.

Google’s strategy of offering two (or more) variants would allow it to offer an aggressively priced entry-level model while offering another that addresses battery concerns for those willing to spend a bit more.

With an announcement now expected at the end of October (perhaps with a smartwatch alongside), it should not be much longer before we know whether Google and LG will indeed go with slightly different battery capacities for the Google Nexus 5.

If you’re planning to buy a Google Nexus 5, which model would you go for? Let us know below.

Source : PhoneArena