More iPhone 5S production line shots and specification details?

rumoured iPhone 5S casing

It figures that as soon as a rumour emerges suggesting that Apple is facing production delays after deciding to make the display of the iPhone 5S larger, a separate rumour surfaces with alleged pictures taken inside Foxconn’s factory of the iPhone 5S case. The report also comes with a number of specification details that point to a 4-inch display after all.

Consistent with past rumours, most of the changes will be made under the hood. The iPhone 5S will reportedly come with an A6 processor clocked to run faster along with an upgraded quad-core SGX 554MP4 GPU. An upgraded LTE radio (with LTE-A support), 2GB of RAM, a new 12MP camera with dual-LED flash, NFC and a fingerprint reader are also onboard. It will use an IGZO display but dimensions and resolution will be the same as the iPhone 5’s 4-inch 1136-by-640-pixel resolution (326PPI) display.

iPhone 5S casings stacked

Alleged images of iPhone 5S components on the assembly line first surfaced last month, suggesting that production is underway.

Disregarding rumours of any production delays, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S in time for a launch in September or October.

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