Moto G briefly shows up on Motorola website

Moto G appears on Motorola website briefly

The Moto G first turned up last week on a US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) application. Now it has made a brief appearance on the Motorola website. It was spotted by Droid-Life who also managed to capture a screenshot before it disappeared again.

The link led to, a website that does not appear ready for prime time just yet.

Little is known about the Moto G but its placement next to the Moto X does lend credence to speculation that it is a new Motorola smartphone.

Our theory is that the Moto G is none other than a cheaper variant of the Moto X known as the Motorola DVX in past rumours. It could be headed to a number of U.S. carriers including Republic Wireless and Verizon. Perhaps it will also make its way here to Canada. It will probably not be a Motomaker customizable phone but it could still come with a choice of different backplate colours.

For now, all we know is that Motorola is working on something called Moto G. Let’s hope they announce it soon!

Source : Droid Life