Moto X Motomaker goes live

Motorola motomaker

Not only did the Moto X launch today in Canada but it also now available south of the border via AT&T. Whereas Rogers will only offer it in black or white, AT&T customers are able to customize theirs but currently only by visiting one of AT&T’s stores. Motorola’s MotoMaker customization tool also went live today but without the ability to order online. Fortunately, you can still email yourself your completed design (although case and accessory choices are not included).

While it is of limited use for now, it does do one thing: Give everyone a chance to play with the 2000 customization permutations available. Choices include 18 backplate colours arranged in cool, neutral and warm shades, 2 front plate colours (black and white) and seven accent colours for the side power and volume buttons and lens ring. On the software side, you can add a power on greeting, a custom wallpaper and the ability to even set up your Google account. A few case and headphone accessories are also available. One option that is not available is engraving; Motorola pulled it after running into quality control issues but expects to add it back later.

MotoMaker’s exclusivity for AT&T is expected to run out sometime later this year at which point it will hopefully be available to other U.S. carriers as well as Rogers, the Moto X’s exclusive carrier.

Sources : AT&T // Motorola MotoMaker