Motomaker coming to T-Mobile customers on November 8?

Motorola motomaker

Rumours that Motomaker is about to throw its doors wide open to U.S. carriers continue to gather steam. Following earlier rumours that both Sprint Wireless and Verizon Wireless customers would finally be able to customize new Moto X smartphones starting on November 11 comes word that T-Mobile customers will get it a few days earlier. The usually reliable @evleaks suggests T-Mobile will have access as of this Friday, November 8:

T-Mobile does not currently offer the Moto X. Could it do so as of Friday or will T-Mobile customers looking to get one have to go directly to Motorola. We should know in a few days.

With all the customization options currently offered, there are over 2000 possible permutations possible. Throw in the anticipated wood backplates and that number will grow even more!

Source : @evleaks