Sprint to launch Moto X Motomaker on November 11?

Motorola Motomaker coming to Sprint?Following rumours that Motorola could open up its Moto X Motomaker to Verizon Wireless on November 11 comes word that Sprint Wireless could also get access to the customization tool on the same day. A leaked document obtained by AndroidCentral indicates that “On 11/11, Motorola launches its Moto Maker capabilities to Sprint, allowing customers to customize their own Moto X devices.”

Much as AT&T customers have been able to do since August, Sprint customers will be able to customize their Moto X with various options including:

  • Back colour
  • Memory
  • Power-on message
  • Custom wallpapers
  • Google account setup
  • Accessories

Could November 11 also be the day that Motorola finally adds the oft-rumoured wooden backplates? And what about the custom engraving option that Motorola pulled over quality concerns? Will it be able to finally offer this option as well?

It remains to be seen if Rogers and Fido which offer the Moto X in Canada will also eventually be able to offer customization.

Source : AndroidCentral