Motorola announces changes to Developer Edition Program

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Following Google’s acquisition of Motorola in mi-2012, things went fairly quiet for the hardware manufacturer until the launch this summer of the Moto X. Since then, it has launched the Moto G (now available in Canada) and been among the first to announce its Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade plans. Yesterday, it also announced changes to its Developer Edition Program and these should be well received by Android developers.

Over this past year, we’ve worked very hard to create ways for users to express themselves using their mobile devices. Customers who purchase Developer Edition devices want the flexibility to take this even further and tinker with the operating system. This may include creating and flashing a custom build of Android or porting one from an enthusiast community. Up until now, when a customer requested a bootloader unlock code we would void the warranty for that Developer Edition device.

Motorola is making two key changes to its Developer Edition program:

  • Requesting an unlock code will no longer void the device’s warranty
  • We will start posting return-to-factory software images

Motorola is also making its policy changes retroactive. Customers who purchased a 2012 or 2013 Developer Edition device directly from Motorola and who have requested a bootloader unlock code will have their warranty reinstated.

Kudos to Motorola for this move!

Source : Motorola