Motorola to unveil Moto X on July 11th? (Updated)

Motorola Moto X teaserMarketing for the upcoming Motorola Moto X kicked off this week with a teaser ad and a registration page. Since then, new information about its customization options has emerged (not that there weren’t rumours before). Now we may have a potential announcement date. According to PhoneArena, Motorola will unveil the Moto X at an event on July 11th.

Select technology journalists, including Leo Laporte, report being invited to an event at Motorola on July 10th and 11th by Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki. Said guests have not been told what the purpose of the event is so it could be something else entirely (although that appears unlikely).

The report also suggests that the original teaser contains its own hint about the announcement date. If you look at the people jumping into the lake, you can see that they are in the position of an X and an I. XI is the Roman numeral for 11, the rumoured date of the announcement.

It also happens that Nokia is hosting an event on July 11th in New York City. Could Motorola be looking to steal a bit of limelight from the announcement of the Lumia 909/1026?

Who’s looking forward to the Moto X? Let us know below.

Update: A source has told CNET that next week’s Motorola event is not about the Moto X but about “something else besides the company’s first big Android release as a Google company.”

Sources : PhoneArena // CNET