HTC One S users petition to receive same support as HTC One X users

HTC One SThat collective roar of anger that you heard earlier this week was likely HTC One S owners finding out that HTC had decided not to offer their smartphone of choice an Android 4.2.2 upgrade. It did not take long for petitions to appear over at asking HTC to reconsider their decision.

One already has more than 2,000 signatures:

I strongly urge you to have a rethink about the HTC One S. It is definitely a great phone; a highlight of 2012. It even managed higher benchmarks than your HTC One X and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Now that’s impressive. It truly is a remarkable device, but your lack of software updates are seriously hampering that.

It also wants HTC to explain their decision, bluntly asking: ” So really, what is your excuse?”

A second petition has an additional 1,100 signatures and also wants HTC’s CEO Peter Chou to review the decision:

We would like to request that you re-evaluate your decision to cease updates to the HTC One S and that you honor the promises your company has made to your customers on official social networking channels.

The HTC One S is less than 18 months old and shares very similar specifications with the HTC One X which is, at this point in time, still scheduled to be upgraded to Android 4.2.2.

Will HTC listen and reverse its decision? Let’s hope so and, perhaps more importantly, let’s see if HTC can avoid a repeat of the HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 upgrade fiasco.

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