Samsung to launch Galaxy smartphone with wraparound display in 2014

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The Samsung Galaxy Round was only the very first step. Samsung is planning to take its flexible display technology to new heights in 2014. According to Bloomberg, the company is working on a Galaxy smartphone with a wraparound display.

Using Samsung’s Youm flexible display technology, the display would wrap around front to back, effectively creating a three-paned display. Information would be visible even when the smartphone is viewed on an extreme angle. For example, the edge could be used to show notifications, messages or stock market data. Samsung is also looking at making the three sides operate independently.

Samsung has yet to decide which of its Galaxy families will be the first to sport this new display. Both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are possibilities but so is a new class of Galaxy devices (the Galaxy F perhaps?).

A specific launch date has not been decided upon but one Bloomberg source suggests a launch in the second half of the year is more likely.

According to Van Baker, director of research at Gartner Inc, curved displays may be a technology in search of a problem to solve. I would argue that we have yet to fully understand the full potential of curved and bendable displays. The company that gets it right first could reap huge rewards despite the failed attempts that lead there.

Source : Bloomberg