Samsung to launch Galaxy smartphone with wraparound display in 2014

Samsung Name

The Samsung Galaxy Round was only the very first step. Samsung is planning to take its flexible display technology to new heights in 2014. According to Bloomberg, the company is working on a Galaxy smartphone with a wraparound display. Using Samsung’s Youm flexible display technology, the display would wrap around front to back, effectively creating a three-paned display. Information would […]

Limited edition Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to come with flexible display next month?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has not given up on its hopes  to launch its first smartphone with a flexible display this year. It now appears that it will do so with a special edition of the Galaxy Note 3 that will launch next month. Confirmation reportedly comes from a company spokesperson talking to South Korea’s “Asian Daily.” The plastic OLED Youm-branded display would […]

CES 2013: Samsung shows off Youm flexible displays

Samsung today showed off its OLED Youm flexible displays at its second CES keynote. Brian Berkeley, Samsung Electronics senior vice president of their display lab, took to the stage to talk about the company’s Youm technology which allows displays to be able to be bent, rolled and even folded. Underlying how far this technology still has to go before we […]