Concept Sunday: Another look at the Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch concept

The Apple iWatch is one of the most anticipated devices of 2014. Apple has yet to confirm such a device but it has hinted a number of times that it will enter the wearable space in the near future. Recent rumours have suggested that Apple will unveil two iWatch devices, one with a 1.3-inch flexible AMOLED display and another with a larger 1.5-inch one. While we wait for the real thing, German Apple blog Apfelpage this week teamed up with graphic designer Eric Huisman to give us their take on what it could look like.

Much like the upcoming Moto 360, this concept features a round face and a design that is clearly reminiscent of a watch. The body is made of a single piece of aluminium and a simple black watchband completes the overall design. It all makes for a very clean design when looking at it straight on. On one side are two volume buttons while the other has a speaker, audio jack (an invitation for water damage?) and lock button. The buttons are designed not to be accidentally tapped. Unspecified sensors are built into the back, likely to support health and fitness apps. It also comes with TouchID via the display itself.

Apple iWatch concept

Much like smartwatches powered by Android Wear, this iWatch concept will support Apple’s Siri digital assitant. Rather than a voice command to launch it though, it will be necessary to trigger it with a screen tap. It will also support a number of traditional smartwatch functions like notifications, music control, and displaying general information such as the weather. While a number of apps will be preinstalled, users will also be able to download apps onto the watch.

Apple iWatch concept

It all makes for an attractive watch but we suspect that Apple’s own device will be even more polished than this concept.

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