Concept Sunday: HTC Omni luxury Android Wear smartwatch

HTC Omni concept smartwatch HTC is widely expected to jump into the smartwatch race in September. Most players so far have aimed for a cheaper entry point in a bid to entice consumers to take the plunge as well. It’s not clear whether HTC will take the same approach but a rumour suggested it would aim for an Android Wear device sharing the same design philosophy as the HTC One (M8) including a metal frame. But what if it aimed for the luxury watch market instead? Introducing the HTC Omni luxury smartwatch by Vishal Bhanushali.

In fact, the HTC Omni is very similar to the alleged HTC One Wear smartwatch. Running Android Wear, it sports the same rectangular face albeit slightly curved. Not only is the case built of aluminium but so is the wristband which is made of linked elements. To extend battery life, solar cells have been embedded in the bracelet. No specific details are provided about hardware specifications. On the software side, a number of watch faces give users some more unique options.

All in all, the HTC Omni may not be far off from the smartwatch that HTC is expected to introduce soon. While striving for a more luxurious finish, it does not appear (at least at first glance) to be one that would significantly more expensive than current smartwatch offerings.

HTC Omni concept smartwatch

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