Concept Sunday: Nokia Lumia 330 with Windows Phone Starter

Nokia Lumia 330 concept18,000 employees were not the only casualty Microsoft announced last week. As many had expected, Microsoft also killed off its recently acquired Nokia X line of entry-level smartphones powered by a forked version of Android. Microsoft will instead focus solely on Windows Phone.

But can Windows Phone devices hit the low price points seen with some Android ones? Even the Nokia Lumia 530 introduced this week is still too expensive at €85 (about CA$155). Could Microsoft build a low-end smartphone that would sell for under US$40? Jonas Daehnert, better known as Phone Designer, thinks it could with a device similar to this concept called the Nokia Lumia 330.

Nokia Lumia 330 concept

At the heart of the Lumia 330 is Windows Phone Starter, a leaner version of Microsoft’s operating system giving this entry-level device a “simple and clean UI” that makes it stand out from competing devices. The display could be as small as 3 inches and still be “highly enjoyable.”

As for specifications, Phone Designer gives us only a few clues about the Nokia Lumia 330:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Phone Starter
  • Display: 500 × 240 (I know, it’s exotical because of the onscreen area)
  • External storage: MicroSD cards
  • Rear-facing camera: None
  • Front-facing camera: Yes
  • Battery: Replaceable
  • Dimensions: 83.6 × 40 × 9.6 millimeters
  • Colours: Black, Red, Cyan

Do you think that Microsoft could pull off the Nokia Lumia 330? Let us know below.

Nokia Lumia 330 concept

Source : Facebook (Phone Designer)