Google already working on second generation Glass?

Google Glass

Google yesterday opened up “early access” sales of Glass to anyone in the U.S. as long as they are willing to part with US$1500. Billed as a “public beta,” it’s clear that Google still considers (rightly?) that Glass is not quite ready for prime time. While it continues to ready its smartglasses for general release, it has reportedly also begun work on a second generation of Glass. China’s is reporting that Google has received samples of latest Crystal Optec’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology for use in new micro-displays.

The report adds that Google is working with Crystal Optech through middlemen in a bid to keep its plans away from the media a bit longer. If accurate, the plan may not have worked as well as it had hoped.

As for details about Google’s second generation Glass, next to nothing is known so far. With LCOS displays just getting into the hands of Google’s R&D teams, it’s likely that it will be a while yet before Google is ready to unveil anything. Assuming that Google Glass goes into general release by the end of the year, Google will want to keep it on the market for a reasonable amount of time before it brings out a second generation product. Could it be 2016 before we see second-generation Google Glass?

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