Google to launch red Nexus 5 on February 4?

Red Nexus 5 Sprint documentIt all started with a rather questionable first rumour that suggested that Google was about to launch the Nexus 5 in a variety of colours. More rumours quickly followed (including one showing the retail boxes), each lending further credibility to the original story. Now a leaked internal document obtained by AndroidCentral suggests that the launch of at least one new colour is imminent.

The latest Sprint Playbook suggests that Google will launch the red Nexus 5 on February 4. The document reveals no other details about this new red Nexus 5 but it is not expected to be any different except for the new coat of paint.

If nothing else, this would appear to confirm a U.S. launch. Whether Google also launches it in other countries remains to be seen. Canada was among the countries to see the Nexus 5 on the first day it was available so here’s hoping that the red version makes its way up here as well.

Let us know if you’re planning to pick up the red Nexus 5.

Source : AndroidCentral