Google Nexus 9

Google Android L, Wear 2.0 and Nexus 9 to be unveiled on October 15?

Google Android logo

Rumours have been pointing to a Google announcement in mid-October for a while now. While most have suggested October 16, others have pointed to October 15 as another potential date. Now comes word from none other than Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii that the latter may well be the date the next major Google Android announcement happens. While he is […]

Is this the Google Nexus 9?

Rumoured Google Nexus 9

Information about Google’s next Nexus tablet continues to surface ahead of its expected unveiling later this month. The larger tablet, known as the Google Nexus 9 along with a variety of codenames such as Flounder and Volantis, is expected to be built by HTC. We now have an alleged image of the back of it courtesy of Chinese leaker @upleaks. […]

Google Nexus 9 clears FCC as HTC 0P82100

FCC certification for HTC 0P82100

Back in August, the HTC 0P82100 got its Wi-Fi certification.It has now added the crucial FCC certification to its credentials ahead of its expected launch. What is the HTC HTC 0P82100, you ask? Past signs have suggested that it is none other than the oft-rumoured Google Nexus 9. While this latest certifcation does nothing to either prove or disprove this, the few […]

Google to unveil new Nexus hardware on October 15 or October 16

Google Nexus

We learned last week that Google might unveil its latest Nexus device(s) on October 16. The rumour focused on the Google Nexus 9 tablet built by HTC. It’s likely that Google would also use such an event to unveil other new Nexus devices, assuming that there are indeed additional devices coming. Now comes word that Google will indeed hold an […]