Motorola-built Google Nexus X to launch around Halloween

Google Nexus

Rumours about the Motorola-built Nexus smartphone continue to gather steam. PhoneArena has learned that the device is known internally at Motorola as the Nexus X and will carry model number XT1100. The report also suggests that the latest Nexus smartphone could launch around Halloween.

It appears now that Google will not name the device the Nexus 6 because of a potential trademark lawsuit from writer Philip K. Dick’s estate. His story ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (which became the movie Blade Runner) revolves around androids bearing Nexus-6 designations. Rather than facing a lawsuit, Google could go with the name Google Nexus X or another one.

The model number lines up with what we reported a couple of days ago. The Motorola XT1112 was identified as a Motorola Shamu smartphone. That codename has been tied to the latest Nexus smartphone since late July.

As for the release date, the report suggests that Google will quietly release the Google Nexus X on or around Halloween without an official announcement. Pricing is still an unknown at this point.

It also appears that the display size is still up in the air. Early rumours pointed to a 5.9-inch display but benchmark specifications pointed instead to a smaller 5.2-inch one. PhoneArena seems to believe that it will be the larger one though.

Do you prefer the name Nexus 6 or Nexus X for the next Nexus smartphone? Let us know below.

Source : PhoneArena