HTC M8 on-screen buttons revealed

Rumour  HTC M8 on-screen buttonsMuch has been rumoured about the HTC M8 over the past few weeks. Among the many details that have leaked about its alleged specifications is the claim that the HTC M8 will be HTC’s first device to come with on-screen buttons. An image surfaced today on China’s Weibo social network Weibo that allegedly shows us what these HTC M8 on-screen buttons will look like.

Aside from giving us a glimpse at three on-screen buttons, there really is not much out of the ordinary here. HTC appears set to go back to the more typical three button layout (Back, Home and Task Manager) after using a two button layout with the HTC One (Back and Home only).

A second image gives us a bit of a historical perspective on HTC’s button layouts. It compares the alleged new layout to that of the HTC One and the HTC One X. 

Recent HTC button layouts

The HTC M8 is expected to launch as the HTC One 2 (or perhaps HTC One+) later this month.

Do you like the new HTC M8 on-screen buttons? Or should HTC stick with capacitive buttons or even go back to hardware ones? Chime in below.

Source : HTC Source