HTC schedules “double exposure” press event for October 8

HTC October 8 2014 eventIf you thought that new device press announcements were done now, you’re wrong. BlackBerry has something cooking for September 24 and now HTC has sent out invitations for a press event on October 8. It’s unlikely that this event will be for the oft-rumoured Google Nexus 9 tablet that HTC is reportedly manufacturing. The name, double exposure, suggests instead some kind of camera event.

HTC has tried to distinguish itself from its competition recently with its HTC Camera Duo technology. Found on the HTC One (M8), maybe the dual-camera technology is now coming to more smartphones.

Another theory, proposed by AndroidCentral, is that this could be an announcement for a wearable. The event’s name does not exactly lend itself to this theory and there is also the small matter of rumours suggesting that HTC recently abandoned its smartwatch plans. As we surmised earlier, perhaps those rumours were specific to a Qualcomm Toq-based watch. Maybe an Android Wear project lived on and is now ready to be announced as the HTC One Wear.

The event will take place at 1600 ET on October 9, 2014 in New York City. There is plenty of time yet for rumours to shed a bit more light on what HTC may have planned for us.

Source : AndroidCentral