HTC smartwatch still a go and coming in 2015

HTC Omni concept smartwatchWe learned just days ago that HTC had reportedly abandoned plans to release a smartwatch. A new report by CNET suggests that HTC still plans to jump into the wearables market but it may not do so until early 2015.

Few details are available but HTC is looking to deliver a smartwatch that “aims to stand out from the crowd.” That will span both design as well as features that “consumers will more immediately gravitate toward.” For the former, HTC may be looking to address common complaints such as bulkiness and limited battery life. On the feature side, its options may be more limited with Google restricting what can and cannot be done with Android Wear more so than it does with Android itself.

Our suspicion remains that the recent rumours refer to HTC dropping plans to release a wearable based on the Qualcomm Toq in favour of a new device based on Android Wear and possibly known as the HTC One Wear. We may never know for sure but it does appear that HTC is still looking to get into the wearables market.

Needless to say, HTC declined to comment on the story.

Note: The image above is a concept of what the HTC smartwatch could look like.

Source : CNET