Motorola to launch 8 new devices including Nexus one by the end of the year?

Motorola logo

If the latest rumour holds true, Motorola could wrap up the year with the launch of 8 new devices. Between now and Christmas, Motorola could unveil three new DROID devices, four Motorola branded devices and a Nexus smartphone. It would certainly make for a very busy year-end especially as its acquisition by Lenovo is expected to close in the same timeframe.

On the DROID side, it looks like this year’s lineup will consist of the DROID, the DROID Maxx and DROID Turbo. Under its own brand, Motorola has the Moto X+1, Moto G (2014), the 5.9-inch Moto S and 5.2-inch Moto X Play lined up. The eighth device is the oft-rumoured Motorola Shamu.

As exciting as all this is, the story gets even more interesting. Motorola may not release all eight devices. For example, should the Moto X+1 sales not meet expectations, Motorola might cancel the 5.9-inch Moto S and rebrand the 5.2-inch Moto X Play as the Moto S. Even names are not locked in stone yet. For example, the Moto X Play could launch as the Mini Moto S.

As for the DROIDs, at least one could launch in conjunction with a new Star Wars promotion. It also appears that the DROID and DROID Turbo could make their way over to AT&T under a different brand.

All in all, it makes for a confused product roadmap but it does appear that we could see at least six new Motorola devices land at various carriers and markets in the coming weeks.

Source : TK Tech News