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Could Google launch two Nexus smartphones this year?

Google Nexus

Despite rumours earlier this year that Google was about to retire its Nexus program, it now appears that it may have slightly more ambitious plans for it than previously thought. Recent rumours about the Google Nexus 6, of the Nexus X as it might be known when it launches, have painted a confusing picture about the size of the display. […]

Motorola to launch 8 new devices including Nexus one by the end of the year?

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If the latest rumour holds true, Motorola could wrap up the year with the launch of 8 new devices. Between now and Christmas, Motorola could unveil three new DROID devices, four Motorola branded devices and a Nexus smartphone. It would certainly make for a very busy year-end especially as its acquisition by Lenovo is expected to close in the same […]