OnePlus unveils bamboo StyleSwap Cover for OnePlus One

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap CoverAs expected, OnePlus today announced its first new StyleSwap cover for its OnePlus One smartphone. As the teaser promised, it is a new wood back cover. As the name implies, the Bamboo SwapStyle Cover is  made of bamboo, giving each one a somewhat unique look.

Each Bamboo StyleSwap Cover we make is one of a kind, complete with its own distinct set of fibers, nodes, and colors. No one else in the world is exactly you, and no one else will have the same back cover as you.

Balance the power of the One with the natural serenity of bamboo in your hands. The StyleSwap Cover is light, comfortable, and beautiful all at the same time.

The Bamboo StyleSwap Cover will go on sale at the end of August for US$49. OnePlus will also sell the Silk White and Sandstone Black covers for US$29 should you want to swap the one you have for a different shade.

OnePlus will offer additional StyleSwap covers, including additional wood grains and even a denim one, but did not provide timelines for those additional covers. It is also expected to offer a range of accessories later this year.

OnePlus One StyleSwap covers

Source : OnePlus